Sunday, June 17, 2012


the week was quiet and I ate a lot  :-)

I made budin de espinaca just because

and a campfire for the little ones because they were "good" all year 

also made my mom take pictures because she looked super pretty :)

and a painting for mary c. because she gave me some amazing welcome home gifts & soaps

some good news : I bought a new lens.  the way I see the world has changed drastically now <333

welcome to mi vida, beautiful 28mm lens.   Ps.  morning is the best time of day : )

lunch break

 "first drink ever" with my mama after work

golden hour walk to holt hill

found this old message on the floor of my car  

preparing the special


 going "camping" with the kindergarten kids  :)  

reggie's chimi


guatemala vs. puerto rico

happy semana hispana   : )