Saturday, July 28, 2012


this is going to be a very, very large blog post :

last week's special...i was very fond of this one because antonio actually showed me how to make it.  when i was little my family told me to envision where my food came from so I would eat slower.  think about each bite you take and where it came from and who made it.  so when I ate this I couldn't help but feel appreciative because I knew the recipe!

Iris asked me to take her family portraits and they were sooo special!

joseline is 2 years old now.   I took pictures of her the day she was born and it's just crazy to me.

joseline in june 2010..crazy right?!  =)

alicia & adam dancing =)

i made this little man for the mirror in my car

new shoes!

alicia in the backyard , I took like 9,000 pictures in a row she is a good sport :)

cookies with no flour & no sugar  just oatmeal & banana

cut out bob marley's head from a poster & made something cool from it

I loved these lyrics when I was in high school and still love them so much ! <3

sweetest cereal...ever

i made alicia look up what Om means  & who knew it would have such a long wikipedia definition...but nevertheless I love the design of the symbol so I decided to paint it

alicia weeding  =) 

the Om painting complete

side profile in the sunniest bedroom ever

alicia did my makeup!

this weekend's special

I got to work and saw enriquetta & veronica in the park.  they were having a very cute mama & daughter moment while on break from work.   i wasn't sorry for intruding because they looked so cute! =)

ps. all of these pictures were taken with the 28mm lens!  I love all of the colors so much!