Saturday, July 14, 2012


the summer writing program has ended, and I wrote in my diary this morning that I feel like I have been off the grid lately.  Every year the program lasts 3 weeks, and is super amazing, yet makes me very, very sleepy.  Nevertheless I have written poetry that I am proud of and have spent the last 21 days being extremely inspired!  This city is full of some crazy talented writers & students.  

 here are some of the pictures I took this week :)

 dunkin donuts/ trip to the park after work

that moment when you jump off the swings & it's scary :)

little claudia

keyla at the movies after work

claudia during the writing program

a fishtail braid from one of my students

 some students painting

my new bedroom is super sunny

eddie was sleeping, and lou said:  I'm just glad he's here, at least :)

me with two amazing people :)

claudia & her mom

enriquetta, one of my favorite friends <3

Tom right before he started asking me to speak spanish and I ran away :)

little daisy and I

claudia and her little sister at the taco place

antonio preparing the special

the special!