Friday, October 19, 2012


a few weeks ago I went to visit my sister!   This is what I wrote in my journal later on that night :

"today I went to visit alicia in salem!  It has been 3 years without me ever visiting her..not even once.  So it was surely long over due.  We went all around like true tourists.  And I had so much fun with my sister.  Everything about her is so comforting!  She has such a relaxing vibe to her that reminds me of home.

At first I went to her dorm to wait for a few minutes while she got ready.  It was so colorful & decorative.  Everything seemed so personal, like if you looked around for a few minutes you could potentially know her.  

The first thing we did was visit the bagel place.  It was so busy in there, and alicia knew the whole menu by heart.  It seemed so family-like, just like her bedroom!  So we each picked out something and drove to a park that faced the water.  We sat on these huge rocks while we ate and talked on & on about all sorts of different things.

From the park we went to downtown salem.  There we visited the frozen yogurt place and the cashier gave us free samples.  we told him we would be back for more later, and went exploring through the touristy streets.  Everywhere we went, alicia knew someone!  In the gift shop we smelled all of the many were nostalgic for us: christmas candles, cinnamon, pine, etc.  It's a really good feeling to be able to share similar nostalgia with someone.  The christmas candle reminded us of our old home, with the fireplace, and our annual extra large christmas trees.  The sweaters in a thrift shop reminded us so much of our mom.  We picked out so many clothes that we both thought she would like.  And in the final gift shop that we stopped in, we read the descriptions on the back of zodiac necklaces & agreed that our zodiac animals were true depictions of our personalities.  Myself born in the year of the sheep, never making a concrete decision.  And alicia born in 1992, playful, intelligent and sometimes stubborn.  :)

After shopping we returned to the frozen yogurt place and got way too much to eat.  I couldn't decide and picked out four different flavors.  But even now, hours later, I'm still extremely full.  

Well I am so lucky to have a sister.  She's so special to me.  To think that we grew up together making sleeping-bag forts & playing with barbies, and have since evolved into adults is really hard to wrap my head around.  It's so easy to forget where we came from when we're living in the present.  I just feel so lucky that we get along so easily.  We will be sisters no matter how old we get.  The same smells will always remind us of the very same childhood, and the same textures will always remind us of the very same mother.  :)

So I will go to sleep happy tonight.  Love love love, allannah."

part of alicia's room

the park that faced the water

bagels from the bagel place <333


being touristy

so much frozen yogurt :)

love you shrimpy :)