Sunday, November 25, 2012

sweet potatoes

after talking about sweet potato pies & casseroles for nearly 3 days straight, I came home from work later to find that Adam & Alicia bought me ingredients to make sweet potato pie!!  Those 2 are so sweet, and nice, and awww :)  So here's how I made my sweet potato pie/casserole:

I sliced the potatoes hassle back style & steamed them only for a little while, because that is the best way to save as many nutrients as possible

used probably a hundred marshmallows :)

separated the potatoes after maybe 15 minutes

and blended them into a batter

layered them into my pan with some cinnamon/sugar

all those marshmallows over the top

into the oven for just a little while

and when the marshmallows resembled Smores, it was done!

yummm <333

finally, my sweet potato craving is satisfied.   Adam & Alicia are just  the best, ever.   :)