Saturday, December 29, 2012

red dress

Yesterday a little angel flew into the Salvation Army, did her good deed, and fluttered away.  If only I could have learned her name or contact information.  Then I would be able to repay her kindness.

She watched me trying on the red dress in front of the mirror and told me it reminded her of one her daughter has.  She said she's a fashionista.  And then later, when I was waiting in the long line to pay, I heard her saying to the cashier up ahead "I want to pay for the girl with the hat".  And I did not process that I was the girl in the hat.  A woman with an overflowing cart in front of me was struggling with her screaming child & causing a scene.  But then it was my turn to pay and the cashier told me I only needed one dollar, because the lady long gone had put down ten for me.  I didn't know whether I should cry or dance, and I remained in disbelief for hours.

I do not understand what about me pulled at this lady's heart strings, or what made me deserving of such compassion while other people more worthy were surely shopping that day.  After all, it was Salvation Army.  But I know that I will forever remember the woman who bought the dress for me when I wear it, and I will wear it often.