Sunday, June 2, 2013

life update

June arrives and I contemplate the goals I brainstormed in the beginning of the year.  What have I created?  What accomplishments?  Half of me is naturally relaxed, a lover of quiet living, and the other half pressures me to make to-do lists & checklists.  Start re-paying loans, organize, make myself useful. Yet summer is intoxicating and entices me to have fun.

In the recent weeks I've been reading lots.  Jack Kerouac's run-on sentences make my own thoughts run.  As he writes about Marrakech I'm there with him, storing away his dreamy descriptions for my own future travels.  At work I like talking with intriguing customers.  One man, retired & charitable, asks me seriously what I am doing with my life.  "Do you have an internship lined up for your extra semester?" he asks.  When I tell him I am taking art classes, for fun, he tells me with his eyes that those won't look good on a resume.  "Okay, well, what about post-grad plans?".  So I tell him my dreams of travel and he tells me I will need to dream of money first.

Other customers tell me of how ambiguous I seem, a good compliment, as I am easily mistaken to be hispanic by people with great confidence.  In combining my personality & appearance with my love of the job, all aspects of it, I am now noticing little figurative bells ring within me.  Finally, finally, possibilities are formulating.  All my interests are coming together now.  I have some ideas for the future so sweet that I don't dare speak just yet.  For now I'm embracing summer, the excitement of adventures on the whim, and the newness of meeting old friends again in this free time.