Thursday, January 2, 2014

goodbye 2013

this is a diary of the many photos that have been hiding inside my phone

mama & alicia at the beginning of 2013

lunch date with grams
my sister with the cool hat she found

hiking with alicia on one very cold day

pretty sun rays in my old bedroom

sad day, cracked my lens filter

alicia in a mini fortress we found

antonio preparing jalapeƱo salsa

took a trip to Tripoli's for rum cake! it was just the absolute best

pretty postres coming down the line at work

omelet time

not sure what was happening here, just a fun day with my grandmother and cousin

tripoli's cannolis

a visit with grammy :)

one of the best snacks in the world

lunch date with my two loves

delicious sweet potato pancakes

giving watercolors a try

dinner date with family


celebrating Wanda's birthday with margaritas

antonio's new recipe for us to try

writing funny messages on the board at work

beautiful fruits

ice cream date after work

Chuy preparing carnitas & tortillas

a crazy snow storm

donut dates in Lowell

vero cleaning after a super busy night

FaceTime with my love

exploring Lowell

family on easter

early morning in the library
herbs beginning to show life

tacos de….cereal? ;)

uncle saving my life and doing my taxes for me at the last moment

self portrait at my lovely university

standing high above the earth on a scary tree

alicia on her 21st birthday

alicia  & mama on mother's day
right before I became super rich!

my dear friend enriqueta & I

FaceTime with my looove.  she was crying :'(

alicia looking at the photos from the day

little sprouts!

ice cream date with Veronica

baby tomato sprouts

the time when everyone was instagramming…

chupitos with friends

the beginning of the tomato adventure

alicia in the bakery

me & my soul sister

tried & failed at growing jalapeƱos

mama got an iPad! first thing first, video-calling alicia of course :)

the prettiest yellow flowers

a pretty flower shop

break-of-dawn breakfast with Cameron after staying up all night to watch the sun rise

summer train ride to boston

exploring by bicycle

found this ice cream place in the summer with grammy;  they sell the BEST coconut ice cream!

self portrait after the best run

mama on a mission to buy flowers

alicia with our cousin tori…they don't get to see each other too often :)

my love

a magical little place I discovered one morning in the summer

RIP best shoes in the world

visiting new hampshire

strawberry picking for grandmother's birthday

my basket

summer photoshoot with alicia & our childhood friend

jade & her camera

ana maria & little claudia making bracelets

fresh figs for the first time

sunset photographs

independence day at the beach

alicia was home for a summer day

Patrick kicking off an amazing event

my awesome boss Lou

some girls painting a collage during Breadloaf

my love Vero reading her poetry

gram getting her blood pressure checked by her brother

a rainbow outside of work one night, I remember sneaking away for a moment to capture this

beautiful cindy

cindy & mama.  best friends since forever.

ice cream date with friends<3

my car reached 100,000 miles.  it must be those long drives to school ;)

gigantic, electric tree in the neighborhood

love my sister

mama sleeping in the sun

lunch date with this beautiful girl

we bought a tofurky just for fun ;)
….tasted very…interesting

mama & alicia

happy day.  some of my photography on display

a shadow silhouette
the biggest essay of the year

cleaning day, my room almost never looks like this 

santa claus & I ;)

alicia's adorable cat, Chleo

awesome family photo

getting my hair  braided by my cousin

helping mama decorate her classroom

alicia & I wearing matching shoes

my favorite little space

alicia at home

marie & I on the last day of exams

lazy christmas eve day with alicia

the three of us on christmas

alicia's pizza ;)

my hands & camera on display at school

the first snow!

drinking sangria at ale's on christmas

jorma, ale, vero, katie and I

it has been an amazing year!  I'm super excited to see what 2014 brings  :-)