Friday, November 16, 2012

long due

gee, these pictures seem so old now, that's how long it's been

and ugh, the color balance seems so off in all these indoors photos

my apologies 

we went to a charity fair where I bought four brownies (four!!!) and we donated to habitat for humanity

halloween party @ alejandra's

I ate tamales, carnitas, carne molida, flan rompope, rice, and everything I could possibly think of really

then reggie came in like this and pretty much scared everyone

we all went out to eat after work and stayed till the restaurant started closing down around us

alicia & adam came to visit!

hair salon

back cracking

turned the clocks back...what my room looks like at 4pm now!

we kidnapped alicia for the day

went thrift shopping

I really wish I bought that pink sweater now!

we were tourists in boston

went to a moroccan cafe

the guy said our smoothie was the best he's ever, ever, ever made.  Well.

learning the iPhone

bought new boots

dropping alicia off in salem :(((

whole foods market <333

till next time!