Wednesday, November 21, 2012

need to study but i'm hungry

Oh dear, I just spent a good 30 minutes after my first class online looking at pictures of sweet potatoes.  I am absolutely obsessed with sweet potatoes!  What really caught my eye were the sweet potato pies and the sweet potato casseroles.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I'm craving some like mad now.  Sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes with marshmallow and pecans.  If only someone could please make a sweet potato casserole for thanksgiving tomorrow; I just know I'd be the happiest.

The last craving I've had similar to this was for croquetas about a week ago.  I was anticipating those like mad, too.  I remember croquetas vividly although it has been more than six months now since I've eaten any.  And I would always eat those with regret, too, like "I hate you fattening things".  But I would gladly eat cazillions of croquetas now, if only for the momentary satisfaction of that crunchy breading surrounding that comforting, cheese-interior.

I love food and I love it more than most everything else I've ever loved.  I try to sit here and think about my accumulating and untouched Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities assignments, but simply can't study right now.  thanksgiving is tomorrow!!! <3333