Monday, January 7, 2013

iPhonography part 1

after thinking for many months, Black Friday finally arrived and the price was tempting.  I finally purchased an iPhone!  It has been the greatest decision.  My very favorite aspect of the phone is the camera.  I followed the trends and joined instagram, too.  Here are a few of the pictures that I've taken since that day in November :

ingredients for sweet potato pie

a very exciting message on my essay from a professor I am inspired by

alicia in her sweet car

french toast <333

family <3

me  & alejandra at the tree lighting

brunch with alicia

i love her :)

a sweet hat that I found for a dollar in a thrift store

grapefruits, one my favorite fruits

alicia putting up the tree all alone because she's the only one who knows how :)

forever studying / my desk on a saturday night

one of my favorite areas to study in the library

the best Portuguese muffins in the world

looking towards the sun
I remember being in a super bad mood this day haha

coffee & morning, the best time of day

the red rose sun

one of the reasons why i'm so thankful for my job
antonio's amazing food <3

a really proud moment! I earned an A on a paper that I was sure I failed!

breakfast, ate a whole loaf of bread :)

went for a run!

coffee <3

birds on a line
I love symmetry so much!

grinding coffees

antonio made menudo!  which is basically a soup made with tripe.  I felt secretly a little happy because I was mentioning menudo to him a few days before.  ironic...?  :) :) 

jorma saving a scared bird that was shivering in a doorway

chuy's cheese quesadillas

after work parties <3

making a green smoothie

yum :)

alicia decorating my room on christmas eve


my family on christmas day <3

it looks like i'm going to have to do a part 2
so many pictures!
more coming soon :)