Monday, January 7, 2013

iphonography part 2

more pictures from my phone's camera

the other blog post was getting too long

I simplified my background so that all the apps are on the second page :)

oranges always remind me of sevilla

sister's new shoes

making green drinks with spinach
amazing <3

went for a run!

taking pictures in after it snowed, before it all turned brown & ugly

alicia with the hat that she shoulda bought! :)

intense sunrays in my room during golden hour

went for a nature walk with alicia that turned into the hunt for the missing earring

cracked my lens filter!

antonio made carnitas for everybody


me before my earring (s) both went missing!

the best time of every single day

alicia <3


a good project
i washed out finished candles & now have some sweet jars :)

bought six books for 99c a piece to read this vacation!

went to the outlets with my grandmother for the day

that's all for now
see ya!