Friday, February 8, 2013

blog post

Life races and the pace changes but passion stays the same.  My eyes will always catch beauty and in my heart I will always be a photographer.  But thank goodness for the iPhone where photo opps are immediate.  Right now my only excuse for infrequent blog posts is a broken camera bag.  But the truth is that books have taken the place of the bag.  Studies have taken over.  So here are just a few from my fancy camera, which is with me at home, at work & some other special occasions :-)

date with grams & adam at panera

alicia in her new apartment

tom's birthday

dedicated time to take a new self portrait
didn't work out so well

out of focus & accidentally captured Mt. Laundry in the back

photographing weekly specials!

recently discovered kale & wanted to try it out on my own

mcdonald's at 2am with new/old friends

making limeade! 

have a great weekend! :)