Saturday, March 9, 2013


 it has been a very wintery winter.  Lots of snow boots, school cancellations, studying.  Days spent indoors, hair hidden in a hat, wool socks & the same old sweater.  Sometimes I think winter is like sadness masked in white.  And then it turns brown too fast,  so I look forward to the spring with such high hopes.  I might plant some tomatoes, yes, might run around a whole lot more & wear more dresses.  I've really been spending so much time studying aka not bringing my camera with me.  But daily I dream of soft depths of field & smooth bokeh.  Saturation, light flares, low contrast and beauty.

here are just a few pictures from the last month.  Studying & working sums it up.  I'm so ready for spring!   :)

spring will be here before we know it  :)