Sunday, March 31, 2013


Me and my lovely little Lovey stood chatting in the kitchen today while we waited for our mama to come home from church.  we had the weirdest conversation about graduating college and future professions.  yes, our adolescence has now come down to a few remaining credits.  We've suddenly entered a new phase where we identify ourselves as being in our 20's.  How strange it was that we were not counting the candies in our easter baskets to trade jelly beans for m&m's, or vise versa, like the old days.

Later we all went to visit and eat with the family.  The little cousins were not so little any more, and each is now at least three inches taller than they were three months ago.  It's very interesting to see this growth all around.  Thank goodness there was at least still a kids' table for us ;)

happy easter!