Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today is my own personal new year's day.  The sun is now in the same spot of the sky as it was when I was just 5lbs & new to this earth.  The word of the day on my dictionary app is primaveral, meaning it's the first day of spring (even if new england surprises us with snow tomorrow).  It's time to plant tomato seeds & to plan seriously about how i can contribute to the world.  For me every new year is such an exciting chance to learn more & more.  A year ago today I sat in spain studying abroad, learning a good deal about the complexity of the world & my passion for it.  I feel lucky to grow older and see the ways this year encourages me.  Today has already been the perfect beginning full of simple bliss.  I ate a mango so sweet that memories flooded in of summer, received a birthday email from someone oh so special, and saw the sun still peeking out at seven p.m.  A good, good birthday.

So today I am twenty-two years old.  Happy new year to me!  :)