Thursday, May 9, 2013

throwback thursday

good news!  today the spring semester has ended.  Summer starts tomorrow!  Now with no more fifteen-page papers to write I feel.....well, like there's something I should be doing when there isn't.  I'll get used to this free feeling soon.  Here are tons of pictures from my phone.  from the start of the semester until now:

the day I ate half a watermelon all by myself ;)

the ingredients for Antonio's jalapeño salsa

the sweet potato pie that satisfied my two-month cravings <333

late night desserts at tripoli's

delicious desserts coming down the line at Cafe Azteca

a surprise visit from alicia <3

good, good words

a portrait of inma, the woman I lived with in Spain

love love love cannolis from tripoli's

grams! We went sledding one day

spinach pancakes, to die for

absolutely love freezing winter runs

delicious whole foods date with my little family

sweet potato pancakes

hot chocolate at mirella's casa with alejandra

dinner date at gram's house with alicia <3

whoever invented massaged a genius :)

ahahah...i laughed for so long about this.  Reggie's friend Mexico

wandita's birthday!

my very own doppledanger !

there is nothing better than buttery bolos levedos with fruit <3

chocolate & vanilla mulatta muffin  :)

another dinner at gram's house

a coconut special on a wednesday night with antonio

warm headband from Patty's mother  <3

creepiest yet most enticing book store ever

more pictures to come!