Thursday, May 9, 2013

throw back thursday 2

so it turns out that i've taken about a thousand phone pictures this semester.  got to separate them into different blog posts for this reason.  if i'm not too lazy i'll caption a few ;)

very true

mirella's purse.  she's always carrying fruit.


pescado veracruzana mmmm

watermelon sherbet, the best!

everyone's allowed a bathroom picture sometimes, right?

truly makes me so very happy

Chuy's carnitas
(fall right off the bone type of meat)

I am really so happy that I caught this moment, although blurry.  Tom & Luis are just so cute.

reggie and rosita

poor rosita

everyone instagramming

alice, girl with the BEST laugh I have ever heard/seen

no words

extremely difficult midterm paper in March
only made possible with hundreds of little hearts 

I have learned a great deal about the Cambodian Genocide this semester

indian food in quincy market
nothing better

I have a liking for spinach pancakes
or any colorful pancakes really
ginger sauce too <3

donut dates
the fig square in the middle is mine
I now have passion for figs & fig squares <3

Larry & I both turned 22 at the end of March!

bday dinner with my little sister

inma emailed me on my exact birth date.  I nearly cried.  a very special gift <3

tacos from antonio

love this girl so very much

video chat with alicia!

saw 3 little birds outside my window one morning ;)

look closely!

found this four year old love note

birthday shots for Larry!

discovering lowell

easter sunday


I will miss this place for a few months.
Just kidding!!

something just so celebratory about citrus

trying new things

yes! Some silly customers played a joke on their grown son who only eats cereal. Cereal tacos!

went to get my taxes done.  met this new friend :)

pot roast at uncle dana's <3

my uncle preparing my taxes

a portrait, on campus

alicia is really very talented!

love you shrimpy <3

seedlings when they were still new
they have grown a little since, and many have died! 
 but hopefully tomatoes at the end of the summer!

alicia at whole foods

Here's to a lovely summer.  I'm already dreaming up so many creative pursuits!