Sunday, March 9, 2014

somewhere between a month ago & now my life has become less about documenting and more about experiencing.  Photos accumulate in my camera and I'm  content with letting them stay there.  I have been feeling in ways I once upon a time paid no mind to.  Now I notice hunger, my five senses, exhaustion & growth.  My favorite parts of each day have become lunch & dinner.  I am far away from home now, but it is easy for me, because in recent years I have been living more & more devoid of attachments.  I've been growing into even more of a minimalistic person, and these days it is normal for me to be a traveler and live out of a backpack.  My home is always in my heart, after all.  Sometimes I close my eyes and wish that the universe will send love to my mom & sister, from me.  I don't know if they are actually reminded of me in those moments, but I like to think wishes are truly that powerful just by believing in them.

It seems to me the theme of the year is travel.  I have grown record amounts in just a month and am eager to see how the upcoming months will be. I feel alive when I'm any place that takes me far away from my comfort zone.  I have come out of my old shell and have abandoned my old, shy exterior.  I still feel I have a shy disposition, but am less afraid to have fun.  At worst, it can inspire people!

So here are some photos from my trip to morocco last week.  Enjoy :-)

my leg was eaten by that camel…super painful!

delicious moroccan food

figs drying in the sun